Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam - Phalasruti

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam Phalasruti

Thath punyam koti gunitham labhyeth punyamanuthamam,
Rahasya nama saahasre namno apyekasya keerthanaath., 12

One crore times the good effect of doing all these matchless blessings,
Would be got even by chanting one name out of the one thousand secret names.
Rahasya nama saahasre namaikaapi ya padeth,
Thasya paapani nasyanthi mahanthyaapi na samsaya., 13

Even if one name among the thousand secret names is read,
All the sins committed by him would be destroyed without doubt.
Nithya karmanushtaana nishidhakaranadhapi,
Yath paapam jayathe pumsam thath sarva nasyathi drutham., 14

Even the sin caused by very bad act of not doing the daily sacred routines,
Would go away and all the sins would be destroyed speedily.
Bahunathra kimukthena srunu thwam kalasi sutha,
Aathraika namne yaa shakthi pathakaanaam nivarthathe,
Thannivarthya magham karthum naalam loka schadurdasa., 15

Oh sage Agasthya, please hear from me how most people would get free,
By chanting according to their capability for getting rid of sins,
For these, without any doubt would remove sins committed in the fourteen lokas,

(to be contd…..)

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