Monday, 17 August 2015

Sree Devi Mahatmyam

(Armour of the Goddess)

48. Manonathir bhavedragna thejovrudhi karam param,
Yasahasa vardhathe sopi keerthi manditha bhoothale.

The king would honour him and for he will have the glitter of divine power and his fame will increase in this materialistic world.

49. Japeth sapthasathim chandim kruthwa thu kavacham pura,
Yavad bhoomandalam dathe sasaila vana kananam.

50. Thavathistathi medhinyam santhathi puthra pouthriki,
Dehanthe paramam sthanam yath surair abhi durlabham.
Prapnothi purusho nithyam mahamaya prasadatha.

After reciting this Armour of the Goddess if one recites The “Devi Mahatmya (also called Chandi or Durga Sapthasathi) he would live in this world (Surrounded by forests and mountains) with sons and grand sons and in the end attain that salvation which even gods cannot get.

Devi Kavacham Samaptham
Thus ends the Armour of the Goddess.

(to be contd.....)

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