In this world filled with war and strife, there are a few chosen messengers of God, who come into this world to spread the message of love and peace. Sri Thirumeni Guruji is one such messenger of God, who strives relentlessly to remove the negative effects from the lives of all those who seek his blessings and to confer them with peace and prosperity.
Born to Sri Natarajan  and Smt. Alamelu, in Irinjalakuda, Kerala, Sri Thirumeni Guruji hails from an illustrious Vedic family of Kerala, South India. Though his parents named him as Sivaramakrishnan, he is fondly addressed by his followers as Sri Thirumeni Guruji.
Sri Thirumeni Guruji evinced keen interest in spirituality and worship of the Divine Mother – Goddess Devi Bhagavathy from a very early age. From the age of 5 he started practicing spirituality and puja rituals under the able guidance of his father Sri Natarajan. He later took to a formal study of the Vedas and studied under the renowned exponent of Vedas, Sri Animangalam Parameshwaran Namboodiripad for 12 years in the Gurukula tradition (where the disciple stays with the Guru or teacher and serves him and learns from him). As a chosen disciple of his Guru, Sri Thirumeni Guruji, after gaining mastery over the Vedas and puja rituals, decided to embark on a life of piety and service to humanity. His main objective in life is to serve the human society and to provide relief to their problems and ailments. He instills spirituality and serves as a beacon of light to those who seek guidance from him.

He leads an austere life and is in constant communion with Goddess Devi Bhagavathy, whose guidance he seeks in order to relieve the problems of the numerous devotes who seek his help. With the grace of his ishta devata (favourite goddess) Sri Pariyanampatta Bhagavathy, Sri Thirumeni Guruji provides solace to the multitudes who approach him with various kinds of problems.

Sri Thirumeni Guruji is a rare phenomenon, who is endowed with the extraordinary ability of purifying the human body of the negative forces. His followers believe that Sri Thirumeni Guruji’s mere glance has the power to annihilate negative forces. He is also endowed with extraordinary healing powers, which he uses to cure many physical and mental illnesses that torment the human body. He has saved many from fatal or near death situations. Last year Sri Thirumeni Guruji performed a puja in a village in Kerala. Next door was a little girl, Ramla who was in her death bed. The doctors had said that there was no hope for survival and Ramla’s family had ordered for a coffin. Ramla’s mother visited Sri Thirumeni Guruji and begged him to save her child. Sri Thirumeni Guruji agreed and visited the child. He said that all was not over yet and there was still hope for Ramla’s survival. But he wanted to perform a special puja for the child recovery, which he did in Ramla’s presence. Within the next 45 minutes, to the astonishment of all those present, the child Ramla opened her eyes! Her parents and relatives were filled with tears of joy and gratitude to Sri Thirumeni Guruji who had saved their daughter’s life.

Sri Thirumeni Guruji has gained name and fame for the puja-s and homa-s/yagna-s that he conducts for the welfare of the people. He is very well-known for performing the Bhagavathy Seva. (worship of Devi Bhagavathy, which is believed to bestow all kinds of benefits to the devotee and also serves as a protection from all miseries and evils. The performance of the Bhagavathy Seva once a month is considered to be equal to visiting the temple for thirty days). He is also adept in performing other puja-s such as the Ganapathy Homam, Sudharshana Homam, Mrtunjaya Homam, Navagraha Homam, Shivashakti Homam, Shatrudosha Nivarana Puja, Bhagya Sukta Pushpanjali, Purusha Sukta Pushpanjali, Durga Sukta Pushpanjali, Shivashakti Pushpanjali, Sarva Roga Shamana Pushpanjali, Ashtottara Pushpanjali, Lalitha Sahasranama Archana etc. according to the specific needs of the devotee.

Sri Thirumeni Guruji is also an expert in Astrology and provides accurate astrological solutions to many problems like enmity, accidents, diseases and ailments, lack of progeny, family problems, general well-being, obstacles in education, business, profession, property, employment, marriage, etc. He provides adequate solutions through puja-s and rituals that are performed in adherence to ancient Kerala traditions.

Considered by his followers as a Shiva-Shakti svarupa (embodiment of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Devi) Sri Thirumeni Guruji, daily receives numerous people who come to him seeking his blessings, guidance and protection. Prominent personalities (including politicians, artistes, sports persona etc.) as well as the common man come to him seeking solutions and relief from their innumerable problems. Sri Thirumeni Guruji treats one and all alike with kindness and provides solace and comfort to all those who seek him. He is a very approachable and down to earth, that his followers feel reassured by just being in his presence. He is above material benefits and receives only One Rupee as an offering or Dakshina from those who seek him. Sri Thirumeni Guruji says that he is “ordained by Devi Bhagavathy to serve the people and protect them from problems and guide them in them in their need of hour”. He is indeed a rare phenomena and we are greatly fortunate to be blessed by him.

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  1. I have done upteen number of bhagyasuktams and Bhagavathy seva also in a Chennai temple and my condition is bad to worse financially. Maybe God helps only some not me