Friday 15 November 2013

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam

Please chant regularly Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam (1000 names of Devi) which is a very powerful form of prayer to Goddess Sri Lalithambika. It is a secret and very sacred text or mantra, which has been revealed to mankind through a discussion between Sri Hayagriva and the great Rishi Sri Agasthya. Regular chanting will surely bless the devotee with all kinds of spiritual and material benefits. It will give the most advantageous benefits if one chants them with their meanings in mind. The devotee will be able to express more and get closer to Devi. Meaning of the Dhayana: Sindhuraruna vigraham trinayanam manikya mouli spurath Thara Nayaga sekaram smitha mukhi mapina vakshoruham, Panibhayam alipoorna ratna chashakam rakthothpalam vibhrathim, Soumyam ratna gatastha raktha charanam, dhyayeth paramambikam. Meditate on that Ambika, Who has a body of the colour of saffron, Who has the three graceful eyes, Who has a jeweled crown , Adorned by the moon, Who always has a captivating smile, Who has high and firm bust, Who has wine filled cup made of precious stones, And reddish flowers in her hands, Who forever is the ocean of peace, And who keeps her red holy feet. On a jeweled platform. ...... to be continued

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