Wednesday 25 March 2015

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam - Phalasruti

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam – Phalasruti

Yasthyakthwa nama sahasaram papa hani mabhhepsathi,
Sa hi seethe nivrthyartha hima shailam nishevathe., 16

Those who are desirous of getting rid of their sins,
If they hate to chant the thousand names,
It is like going too Himalayas to get rid of cold.
Bhaktho ya keerthyen nithya midham nama sahasrakam,
Thasmai sri lalitha devi preethabheeshtam prayachathi., 17

Devotees who daily sing these thousand names,
Would be blessed by Lalitha Devi by fulfilling their wishes.
Akeerthayennidham sthothram kadham bhaktho bhavishyathi., 18

How can he who does not sing them be a devotee?
Nithyam keerthanashaktha keerthayeth punya vasare,
Samkrathou vishuve chaiva swajanma thrithayeyane., 19

People who cannot sing it daily should chant it on special occasions,
Viz first of every month, first of the new year and the three birthdays
Navamyaam vaa chathurdasyam sithaayaam shukravasare,
Keerthyen nama sahasram pournamasyaam viseshatha., 20

On Navami or on Chathurdasi or Fridays of the waxing moon,
And on the full moon day singing this is very special.

(to be contd…..)

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