Monday 6 April 2015

Sree Lalitha Sahasranamam - Phalasruti

Sree Lalitha Sahasranamam – Phalasruti

Yo vethi naama sahaasram thasmai dheyam dwijanmane,
Annam vasthram dhanam dhanyam nanyebhyasthu kada chana., 41

He who makes the thousand names as his,would be made the twice born,
Get food, cloths, wealth, cereals and all that he wishes.
Sri manthra rajam yo vethi sri chakram ya samarchathi,
Ya keerthayathi naamaani tham sath pathram vidhur budha., 42

He who learns the king of sri Manthras and offers it to Sri Chakram,
And sings these thousand names, would be considered as holy by the learned.
Thasmai dheyam prayathnena Sri Devi preethimichata,
Ya keerthayathi namaani manthra rajam na vethi ya., 43

To him the goddess would give with love, whatever he wants,
Who sings these names and learns the king of Manthras.
Pasu thulya sa vijneya thasmai datham nirarthakam,
Pareekshya vidhya vidhusha thasmai dadhya dwichakshana., 44

There is no point in giving this Mantra to animal like people,
And it should be given to those who are learned and wise.
Sri manthra raja sadruso yadha manthro na vidhyathe,
Devatha lalitha thulyaa yadhaa nasthi ghatodhbhava., 45

There are no chants which are equal to Sri Mantra Raja,
And there is no goddess equivalent to Lalitha, Oh Agasthya.

(to be contd…..)

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