Friday 30 October 2015



(The nail of the goddess)

(Since the chanting of Devi Mahatmya leads to all the luck and good things in the world and at the end salvation Lord Prameshwara, decided to impose certain conditions to get that full benefit. This is the nail that he has put.)

Rishir Uvacha:-

1. Vishudha gnana dehaya trivedi divya chakshushe,
Sreya prapthi nimithaya nama somardha dharine.

The sage told:-
My salutations to that Parameshwara(The greatest lord) who is in the form of doing extreme penance, who has three holy eyes, who is the prime cause leading to salvation and who wears the crescent.

2. Sarvamethad vijaniyath manthranam abhi keelagam,
Sopi kshemavapnodhi sathatham japa thathpara.

3. Sidhyunthyuchadanadheeni vasthuni sakalanyapi,
Ethena sthuvadham devi sthothramathrena sidhyathi.

For getting victory in reading the Devi Mahatmyam, reading this would remove all the spokes in the way of getting result.. He who reads this also gets good times and gets all those which are not attainable. Even to one who praises Goddess with only Devi Mahatmya, she becomes pleased.

4. Na manthroushadham thathra na kinchid api vidhyathe,
Vina japyena sidhyatha sarvamuchadanadhikam.

5. Samagranyapi sidhyathi, loka sanka mimam hara,
Kruthwa nimanthrayamasa sarvamedhamidham shubham.

That man needs no other chant(Devi mahatmyam) or medicine,Without any other he would realise all his needs. He gets realised fully all his wishes, for The great god(Shiva), taking in to account the normal doubts among people, after composing this Keelaga also made it not necessary for him to read others.

(to be contd.....)

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