Thursday, 5 November 2015

Devi Mahatmyam

(The nail of the goddess)

11. Jnathwa prabhya kurveetha hyakurvano vinasyathi,
Thatho jnathtwaiva sambannamidham prabhyadhe budha.
This method should be understood well and then only the chanting should be started. If it is not done this way it will not be effective. So learned people do this way.
12. Soubhagyadhi cha yath kinchid drusyathe lalanajane,
That sarvam that prasadena thena japyamidham shubham.
Even ladies who do not know the method by chanting it will get some small benefits like beauty. So this has necessarily be chanted.
13. Sanaisthu japyamane asmin sthothre samathi ruchagai,
Bhavathyeva samagrapi thatha prabhyameva thath.
If this is chanted without sound you will get riches and if chanted loudly complete wealth could be got and so this should be chanted loudly.
14. Iswaryam yath prasadena soubhagya maraogya sampada,
Sathruhani paro moksha sthuyathe saa na kim janai.
How is it that with this knowledge that this chanting would lead to wealth, luck, heath and destruction of ones enemies, some people are still not chanting it?
Devi Keelagam Samaptham
The nail of the Goddess ends.
(to be contd.....)

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