Monday 12 September 2016

Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Prathama Charitham
(First Part)
Pradhmao adhyaya: Madhu Kaidaba Vadha Varnanam
Chapter 1: Description of Killing of Madhu and Kaidabha.

56.  Ardha Mathra Sthitha, Nithya, Yanucharya, viseshatha,
       Twameva Saa, thwam Savithree, Twam Devi, janani para,
 You live in the half syllable “OM”, you are ever living, specially you are the one whose name cannot be told, You are Gayathri, and holy lady, you are the great mother of us all.

57.  Twayaithat Dharyathe Viswam, twaithat srujyathe Jagat,
       Twaiythat palyathe Devi, twamatsyanthe cha sarvadha.
 Hey holy Goddess, this universe is created by you, this universe is looked after by you, and at the end you destroy this universe and thus this world is carried by you again and again.

58.  Visrushtou Srushti roopa thwam, Sthithiroopa cha palane,
       Thadha samhruthiroopanthe Jagathosya Jagan maye.
 You are the all pervasive in this universe, you are the creator in creating the universe, you are the administrator in looking after the universe and you are the personification of the destruction at the end.

59.  Maha Vidhya, Maha Maya, Maha Medha, Maha Smruthi,
       Maha moha cha Bhavathi Mahadevi Mahasuri.
 You are the great knowledge, you are the great enchantress, and you are the great power of knowing, you are the great knowledge of Vedas, you are the great passion, you are the great goddess and you are the great power behind Gods.

60.  Prakruthi sthwam, hi sarvasya gunathraya vibhavani,
       Kala rathrir Maha Rathrir Moha Rathrischa Dharuna.
 You are mother nature which differentiates between the three qualities of Sathwa(spiritual),, Rajasa(materialistic) and Thamo(baser) instincts, you are the final night of deluge, you are the last night of Brahma, and You are the base darkness which makes one do that action which should not be done,
(to be contd…..)

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