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Among the sthothras addressed to the mother Goddess Durga, the greatest is perhaps the Devi Mahatmya which is also known as Chandi. This book recounts the story of Durga in her several incarnations. First she came to kill the Asuras Madhu and Kaidabha at the request of Brahma, Then she came to kill the terrible Mahishasura as a result of prayers of all devas and again came to Kill the Rakshasas Shumbha and Nishumbha along with their armies. Since reading Devi mahatmya daily needs a lot of time, this sthothra summarizes the stories recounted in Devi Mahatmya in the form of an octet. It is believed reading this sthothra daily will give on the devotee the same effect as reading Devi Mahatmya itself.

Lakshmeese yoga nidhram prabhajathi bhujaga
Deesa thalpe sadad pad
Vuthpannaou dhanavou thachra vana mala mayangaou
Madhum kaidabham cha
Drustwa bheethasya dhathu stuthibira binutham,
Masu thou nasayantheem
Durgam deveem prabadye sarana maha masesha apadun unmulanaya

In times of yore,
When the Lord of Lakshmi.
Was immersed in the sleep of yoga,
On the awesome bed of the serpent,
And the primeval giants Madhu and Kaidabha,
Came out of his ear wax,
And made Brahma the creator of all tremble,
Oh Durga, thou heard his prayers,
And killed them both,
And so I am falling at your feet,
For solving all my problems great

Yudhe nirjithya daithya stribhuvanamakilam,
Yastha deeyeshu dishnyai,
Shwasthapya swan vidheyan swayamagama Abhasou,
Sakratham vikramena,
Tham saamapthyaptha mithram mahisha mapi niha
Thyasya moordhathi roodam,
Durgam devim prapadhye sarana maha masesha apadan unmoolanya

When the great Giant Mahisha,
Who defeated in war Indra the Lord of all Devas,
And By his prowess made all the three worlds, his slave,
And appointed his servants to rule over them,
You Durga, killed him along with his army, ministers and friends,
And so I am falling at your feet,
For solving all my problems great.

(to be contd.....)

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