Tuesday, 19 May 2015



Tri giunyaanam gunaanaam anusarana kala
Keeli naanavatharai,
Tri lokya trana seelaam dhanuja kula vanee,
Vahnee leela saleelaam,
Deveem sachinma mayeem tham vitharitha vinamath,
Sathree vargaaapavargaam,
Durgam devim prapadye sarana maha masesha apath unmoolanaya.

You are all the three Gunaas rolled in to one,
You play thine divine game in several forms,
You take care of all the three worlds,
As a child’s play thou decimate the asuras,
Like the fury of cyclone in the forest,
You are the personification of all that is good,
To those who bow at your feet in humility,
Thou grantest all that they want here in and after,
And so I am falling at your feet,
For solving all my problems great.

Simharoodam trinethraam kara thala vilasath,
Sankha chakrasi ramyam,
Bhakthabeeshta pradathreem ripu madana kareem,
Sarva lokaika vandhyam,
Nana alankara yuktham sasi yutha makutam,
Syamalangeem krusangeem,
Durgam devim prapadhye saranamaha asesha apath unmoolanya.

She who rides on a lion,
She who has three eyes,
She who carries the conch and the wheel in pretty grace,
She who fulfills requests of her devotees,
She who kills her enemies,
She who is venerated by all the worlds,
She who is dressed in perfection,
She who keeps the moon on her crown,
She who is black in colour,
And She who is tiny,
I am falling at your feet,
For solving all my problems great.

(to be contd.....)

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