Wednesday 5 August 2015

Devi Mahatmyam

(Armour of the Goddess)

36.  Puthran Rakshed Mahalakshmi, Bharyam Rakshadu Bhairavi,
       Margam Kshemakari rakshed dwijaya sarvatha sthitha.

Let Maha Lakshmi protect my sons, Let Bhairavi (Another name for Parvathy) protect my wife and let my way be protected by Kshemakari (She who looks after) who is victorious and lives everywhere.

37.  Raksha heenanthu yath sthanam varjitham kavachena thu,
       Thad sarvam raksha me devi jayanthi papa nasini.

Whichever part does not have protection, let all those be protected by you goddess who is the greatest and who destroys sins.

38.  Padamekam na Gachethu yadi chedh cha Shubatmana,
       Kavachenavyatho nithyam yathra yathra hi gachathi.

39.  Thathra thathratha labascha vijaya saarva kamika,
       Yam yam chinthayathe kamam tham tham prapnothi nischitham.

The one, who wishes all good to happen to him, should not walk a step without this Armour. One who travels to any direction protected by this armor will earn lot of money, get all sort of victory and definitely get all his wishes fulfilled.

40.  Paramaiswaryamathulam prapsyathe bhoothale pumaan,
       Nirbhayo jayathe marthya samgrameswaparajitha.

The man will get unmatched wealth and all human beings that chant this will walk without fear, being victorious in all wars.

(to be contd.....)

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