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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Prathama Charitham
(First Part)
Pradhmao adhyaya: Madhu Kaidaba Vadha Varnanam

Chapter 1: Description of Killing of Madhu and Kaidabha.

6. Thatha swapurmayatho nija desadhipobhavath
Aakrantha sa maha bhaga stai sthadha prabhalaribhi.
Attacked by those famous enemy kings, that great one reached his city and became a king to it. (Being defeated, he lost his kingdom and became the chief of his native city only. )
7. Amathyair bhalibhir dushtai dhurbalasya dhurathmabhi,
Koso bhalam chapahrutham thathrapi swapure satha.
His powerful and bad ministers took away his treasury and army from him who was powerless in his city.
8. Thatho mrugaya vyajena hruthaswamya sa bhoopathi,
Ekaaki, hayamaruhya jagama gahanam vanam.
Afterwards that king, who had lost his kingdom, reached the dark forests alone on a horse under the pretext of hunting.
9. Sa thatrasrama madraksheed dwija varyasya medhasa,
Prasantha swapadhakeernam muni sishyopashobhitham.
There he saw the hermitage of the great Brahmin Sumedhas, which was populated by peaceful animals and was shining, with his disciples.
10. Tasthow kamchit sakalam munina thena sathkrutha
Ithaschethascha vicharam sthasmin munivarasrame.
Under the hospitality of the sage in the hermitage that king lived there for some time traveling here and there.

(to be contd.....)

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