Thursday 21 January 2016

Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Prathama Charitham
(First Part)
Pradhmao adhyaya: Madhu Kaidaba Vadha Varnanam
Chapter 1: Description of Killing of Madhu and Kaidabha.

11. So chinthayathada thatra mamathwakrushta chethana,
Mathpurvai palitham poorvam mayaheenam puram hithath.
Mind attracted by egoism, he thought as follows. That city which was looked after by my ancestors is definitely not mine now.
12. Mad bhrtyai sthaira sad vruthyair dharmatha palyathe na va,
Na jaane sapradhano me soorahasthi sadamadha.
13. Mama vairi vasam yaatha kaan bhogaanupa lapsyathe.
“I do not know whether my citizens are being properly looked after by my servants who are with bad character. Nor do I know how my chief of elephant brigade who is a exuberant and heroic fares in the hand of my enemies.”
14. Yea Mamanugatha nithyam prasada dhana bhojanai
Anuvrathim Druvam they kurvanthyanya mahi brutham.
“It is definite that those who lived out of recognition, wealth and food given by me, are living by serving other kings.”
15. Asmyagwaya Seelasthai kurvathbhi sathatham vayam,
Sanchitha sothi dukhena kshayam koso gamishyathi
Ethachanyacha sathatham Chinthayamasa Parthiva.
“Because those spendthrifts because of their bad habits always spend, my treasury would become soon empty. ” thus worried the king.

(to be contd.....)

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