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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Prathama Charitham
(First Part)
Pradhmao adhyaya: Madhu Kaidaba Vadha Varnanam
Chapter 1: Description of Killing of Madhu and Kaidabha. 
71. Ekarnave ahisayanathatha thatha sa daruse cha thou,
Madhu kaidabhou durathmanava athi veerya parakramaou.
72. Krodha Raktha Kshanou hanthum brahmanam janithodhyamou.
Woken (Freed) by her that Lord of the Universe Vishnu got up from the bed of serpent floating on the unified sea. Afterwards he saw the very valorous and cruel brained Madhu and Kaidaba who were having very red eyes due to extreme anger and who were intent on killing Brahma.
(Though Devi as the great enchantress has externally baser qualities, in the inside she is filled with good qualities, She came out of Lord Vishnu with this external appearance of baser qualities. The Thanthric literature ascribes the killing of Madhu and Kaidabha to her instead of Vishnu. Since she had to do wrestling with these two Rakshasas,she took the form of Vishnu, according to them. )
73. Samuthaya thathasthabhyam yuyudhe bhagawan hari,
Pancha varsha sahasrani bahu praharano vibhu.
Afterwards that God Vishnu who was spread everywhere got up and fought using bare hands with Madhu and Kaidabha for five thousand years.
(They were not getting tired even after fighting 500 years because they had taken a boon that they will die only according to their own will. At the end Lord Vishnu offered them any boon that they want. -Some texts have two slokas carrying the above meaning)
74. Thavapyathi balonmathou maha maya vimohithou,
Ukthavanthou varosmatho vryathamithi kesavam.
Those very strong Madhu and Kaidabha loosing their senses (by not loosing the war) and being enchanted by the Goddess who was the great enchantress, told Vishnu that they both are offering him a boon.
75. Sri Baghwan Uvacha
Bhavethamadhya me thushtou mama vadhyavubhavapi,
Kimanyena varenathra ethavadhi vrutham maya
The great God told:-
If both of you are happy you should consent to be killed by me. What is the use of any other boon? I want only that boon.
(to be contd.....)

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