Tuesday 1 November 2016

Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Madhyama Charitham
(Middle part)
Chapter 2: Killing of the armies of Mahishasura.

21.  Vajramindra samudpatya kulisaadamaradipa,
       Dadhou thasyai Sahasraksho Gandam Iravadath Jagath.
The thousand-eyed Indra who was the king of Devas took (attracted) the diamond from Vajrayudha (weapon made of diamond) and bell from his elephant Iravatha and gave it to her.

22.  Kaladandadhyamo dandam paasam chambhu pathir dadhou,
       Prajapathischaksha maalam dadhou Brahma kamandalum.
 Yama, the God of death gave her a staff made from his death staff, Varuna his rope made from his rope and the creator Brahma gave bead chain for praying and pot for taking water.

23.  Samastha roma koopeshu nija rasmin divakara,
       Kaalascha dathavan Gadgam tasyascharma cha nirmalam.
 The Sun God gave her all the rays taken from every hair pore of his body and the God of time (Also God of death) gave her his sword and a sparkling shield.

24.  Ksheerodaschamalam haaramajare cha thadambhare.
 The sea of milk gave her the very clear garland of pearls and ever fresh and never destroying set of cloths.

25.  Choodamanim thatha divyam kundale kadakani cha,
       Arda chandram vimalou thadwath graiveyakamuthamam.

26.  Noopuraou vimalou thadwath graiveyakamuthamam,
       Angulyaka rathnani samasthaswamguleeshu cha.

27.  Viswakarma Dhadou tasyai parasum cha athi nirmalam,
       Asthanyaneka roopani thadha bedhyam cha damsanam.
 Viswakarma the architect and crafts specialist of Devas gave her, a jewel to wear on her head, studs, bangles, the holy crescent and shoulder armlets for all her hands and also very holy toe rings, very holy axe, several types of arrows and a shield which cannot be cut.

(to be contd…..)

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