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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Madhyama Charitham
(Middle part)
Chapter 2: Killing of the armies of Mahishasura.

36.  Aa kimethadhithi krodhadhabhyashya mahishasura,
       Abhyadavatha tham sabdham aseshair asurairvrutha.
 Mahishasura with anger said, “What is this?” and surrounded by all asuras ran towards the origin of the sound.
(This shows the baser quality of the Asura, who did not first send an emissary to enquire about the source of the sound and started for a war himself.)

37.  Sa dadarsa thatho devim vyaptha lokathrayam twisha,
       Padakrathya natha bhuvam kiritolikithambharam.

38.  Kshobhithasesha patalam dhanurjyani swanena tham,
       Dhiso bhuja sahasrena samanthad vyapya samsthidham.
 Afterwards he saw her spread all over the three worlds by her lustrous power, pushing down the earth by her feet, touching the skies with her crown, shaking the world including patala by the twang of her bow and occupying all the sides with her thousand arms.

39.  Thatha prava vruthe yudham thaya devya suradwishaam,
       Sashthrasthrair bahudha mukthiaraa depitha digandharam.
 Then those Asuras had a Great War with the Devi (goddess) in which the differently sent weapons and arrows lighted all the different directions.

40.  Mahishasura senani Chikshurakhyo mahasura,
       Yuyudhe chamarschanyair schathuranga balanvidha,
       Radhaana, mayuthair shadbhir udhagraghyo mahasura.
She fought with Chikshura the great Asura who was the commander-in-chief of Mahishasura’s army, Chamara who fought along with the four types of army (Infantry, Cavalry, and chariot riders and elephant riders) and with Udagra, the great asura with sixty thousand chariots.

(to be contd…..)

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