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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Prathama Charitham
(First Part)
Pradhmao adhyaya: Madhu Kaidaba Vadha Varnanam
Chapter 1: Description of Killing of Madhu and Kaidabha.

41.  Thadapi mamathaavarthe mohagarthe nipaathitha,
       Mahamaya prabhavena samsara sthidhikarrina.

In spite of that due to the power of the great enchantress, man is pushed in to the whirlpool of attachment and the pit of affection and observes the rules of human life.

42.  Thannathra vismaya karyo yoga nidhra Jagatpathe,
       mahamaya harescaithathaya sammohyathe jagat.

The great enchantress is but the yogic sleep of Vishnu, the lord of the universe. That enchantress enchants the entire world and so you need not wonder about your reaction.
(Devas do not sleep but take away their senses from happenings and forget about the world. This is the yogic sleep. )

43.  Jnaneenam aapi chethamsi devi bhagawathi hi sa,
       Baladakrushya mohaya mahamaya prayachadhi.

That famous lady Maha Maya (great enchantress) who is personification of all riches, draws the minds of even those who have special knowledge and make them behave with baser instinct of affection.
(When she can draw the instincts of those blessed with special knowledge, she can do it easily in case of people like you. )

44.  Thaya visrujyathe viswam trilokyam sa characharam,
       Saisha prasanna varada nrunaam bhavathi mukthaye.

She creates the three worlds with its movable and immovable things and though she is the cause of this attachment if she becomes pleased she grants salvation to human beings.

45.  Saa vidhya parama mukther hethu bhootha sanathani,
       Samsara bandha hethuscha saiva sarveshwareshwari.

She is the greatest knowledge, which is the cause of salvation, and she also is the ignorance that leads to attachment with the mundane world. Also she is the goddess of all gods.

(to be contd…..)

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