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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Madhyama Charitham
(Middle part)
Chapter 4: The prayer of Sakradi devathas.

11.  Ishath sahasam amalam paripoorna chandra,
       Bhibanukari prahruthama kanthi kantham,
       Athyathbutham prahruthamaatharusha thadhapi,
       Vakthram vilokhya sahasa mahishasurena.
Though your face which is pretty with a captivating a smile and which is similar to the full moon and which is having the glitter of the purest gold, it was speedily hit by the very angry Mahishasura. This is indeed surprising.

12.  Dhrushtwa thu devi, kupitham brukutikarala,
       Mudrchcha sanka sadhya schavee yanna sadhya,
       Pranaan mumocha mahishas thadeeva chithram,
       Kair jeevithe he kupithanthaka darsanena.
Hey Goddess, in spite of seeing your very angry face with sharply bent eye brows and which resembled the reddish full moon just when it is rising, Mahishasura did not choose to give up his life. This is indeed surprising because, which being would choose to continue to live after seeing the very angry God of death.

13.  Devi praseedha paramaa bhavathi bhavaya,
       Sadhyo vinasayasi kopavathi kulani,
       Vignanametha dhadhunaiva yadasthametha,
       Nnetham bhalam suvipulam mahishasurasya.
Hey Goddess, be pleased with me. You are the most powerful goddess Lakshmi. If you are pleased the family is greatly enlarged and if you are angry, you destroy several generations of families. This is known now, because you destroyed the great and large army of Mahishasura.

14.  Theey Sammatha jana padeshu dhanani theshaam,
       Theshaam yasamsi na cha seedhathi dharma varga,
       Dhanyastha eva nibrudhathmaja abhyathya dhara,
       Yesham sadabhydayadha bhavathee prasanna.
Those to whom you always give progress and are happy with them, they are the people recognized by all. They would only get wealth and fame. For them the Dharma never goes away. They are the people with good sons, servants and wife.

15. Dharmyani devi, sakalani sadaiva karmaa,
       Anyadhutha prathidhinam sukruthi karothi,
       Swargam prayathi cha thatho bhavathi prasadath,
       Loka thraye aapi phaladha nanu devi thena.
Hey Goddess, by your blessings the blessed man always and with feelings of holiness is able to do all his duties which are dictated by just conduct. Because of that he attains heaven and salvation. So it is definite that you give results in all the three worlds.

(to be contd…..)

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  1. It is so soothing and consoling to read about Sri Thirumeni Guruji's miracles again and again. Om Shiva Shakthi! Om Bhagavathy Thaaye Saranam