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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Madhyama Charitham
(Middle part)
Chapter 4: The prayer of Sakradi devathas.

21.  Kenopama bhavathu thesya parakramasya,
       Roopam cha shathru bhaya karyadhi hari kuthra,
       Chithe krupaa samara nishtooratha cha dushsta,
       Twayeva devi, varade bhuvana trayepi.
Hey Goddess who showers all the requested blessings on your devotees, to which thing can we compare thine great valour? To which can we compare your looks which is pretty but creates fear among your enemies. In all the three worlds only in you we are able to see mercy in your mind and fierce cruelty in war.

22.  Trilokya methad akilam ripu nasanena,
       Tratham twaya samara murdhani the api hatwa,
       Neetha divam ripu gana bhaya mapyapastha,
       Masmaka munmadha surari bhavam namasthe.
Our salutations to thee mother who has saved all the three worlds from the destruction of enemies, who has killed hoards of enemies in the war field and led to heaven and who has completely cured our fear.

23.  Soolena pahino devi, pahi gadgena chabhike,
       Gandaswanena na pahi chapajyaniswanena cha.
Oh goddess, please save us by your spear, Of mother of all worlds, save us all by using your sword and also save us bythe ringing of your bells and twang of your bow.

24.  Prachyam raksha, pradeechyam cha chandike, Raksha dakshine,
       Bramanenathma soolasya utharasyam thadeswai.
Oh Goddess, please save the eastern side by the rotation of your spear. Of goddess Chandika, similarly save the western, southern and northern sides.

25.  Sowmyani yani roopani trolokye vicharanthi they,
       Yani chatyartha ghorani thai rakshas maam sthadha bhuvam.
Let that aspect of you, which is peaceful (involved in creation and upkeep) and that aspect, which is fearful, (that involved in destruction) which are travelling in all the three worlds save us and those of the people in the earth by the same aspects.
(killed by her they attain salvation)

(to be contd…..)

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