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Devi Mahatmyam

Sri Devi Mahatmyam
Madhyama Charitham
(Middle part)
Chapter 4: The prayer of Sakradi devathas.

16.  Durge smrutha harasi bheethimasesha jantho,
       Swasthai smruthaa mathi matheeva shubha dhadhasi,
       Daridrya dukha bhaya harini ka twadhanya,
       Sarvopa kara karanaya sadardra chitha.
You destroy sorrow of all beings who sorrow, you give great wisdom to those who are fearless and Oh Goddess who destroys the fear of poverty, who is there in this world except you who has a heart dripped in mercy.

17.  Eapir hathair Jagathupaithi sukham thadaihe,
       Kurvanthu nama narakaya chiraya papam,
       Samgrama mruthyu madhigamya divam prayanthu,
       Mathwethi noona mahithan vinihamsi devi.
Hey Goddess you kill your enemies thinking that this world should feel happiness. These asuras are killed, so that these asuras should not do more sins fore several ages and so that they will not reach the hell, which is full of diseases and that they should travel towards heaven being killed in this war by you.
(This is an answer to the doubt to the sentiments expressed in the last stanza that, though goddess has a melting heart with mercy, she has killed several asuras. )

18.  Dushtaiva kim bhavathi prakarothi bhasma,
       Sarvasuranareeshu yal prahinoshi sasthram,
       Lokaan prayanthu ripavo api hi sasthra puthra,
       Itham mathir bhavathi theshwa hithesu swadhi.
Hey goddess do you not turn into ash all asuras just by your sight? It is definite, that you send your weapons at them only with a view to purify them by contact with your weapons and with a good intention that even your enemies should reach heaven.

19.  Gadga prabha nikara vishuranai sthodhagrai,
       Soolagra kanthi nivahena druso asuranam,
       Yannagatha vilayamamsuma dindhu ganda,
       Yogyananam thava vilokayatham thdethath.
The reason why the eyes of Asuras are staring at the glitter of the collection of your shining swords and the collective glitter of the ends of your spear is because they are staring at your holy face adorned with the cool crescent.

20.  Dur vrutha vrutha samanam thava devi seelam,
       Roopam thadiva thadha vicinthya mathulya manyai,
       Veeryam cha hanthya hrutha deva parakramanam,
       Vairishwapi prakatithaiva dhaya twayetham.
Holy Goddess, thy pristine character brings to an end the bad characteristics of base people, and similarly your pretty mien can never be imagined by ordinary minds and also does not have similarity with all other pretty things. Also your valour kills all asuras and thus you show your mercy even towards thine enemies.

(killed by her they attain salvation)

(to be contd…..)

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